All tests passing and the binary running flawlessly ON A FREAKIN’ RASPBERRY PI ZERO! :awesome:

Wanna blow up my Raspberry Pi Zero?

Here, have some random ASCII cows:

You can also see the stats for this session here:

(I just want to see how it performs. Will turn it off at some point and delete this tweet when I do.) :)

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Watching your requests streaming in and the little Raspberry Pi Zero handling them like a champ ;)

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Hahaha, folks are using 404 errors to send messages. 💕 it! :)

Hi @drq 👋

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How does Site.js perform on a Raspberry Pi Zero W? Pretty darn well, I’d say 🤓

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Nearly three thousand requests with folks from Poland to California :) I think I’ll keep it running until it reaches about 10,000 and then give the little Pi a rest and call it a day!

:wave: @gid

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Got a question from @RadicalEdward about how the Raspberry Pi Zero is exposed to the Internet: It’s via ngrok and I’m very impressed with how that’s handling itself as well (it’s an awesome service and worth every penny – both @laura and I have Pro accounts there).

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Right folks, almost 6,000 requests last I checked. Going to turn it off now.

Thank you all for playing and for your very creative 404 messages ;)


Conclusion: you can host a personal site/app/etc. with Site.js on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

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Final tally: a tiny @Raspberry_Pi Zero W, running Site.js over a WiFi connection from my desk, & exposed to the Interwebs via @ngrokapp, served over 7,000 requests (mostly dynamic Node.js) in a little experiment we just ran.

Small Technology FTW! 😃👍

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Couldn't find a suitable FLOSS alternative to PageKite or ngrok, which has Client & Server available. Do you know any?

@yala Haven’t had a chance to really look into it. Please let me know if you hear of anything. I’m very happy to ngrok but always good to know of things you can integrate into your own work if necessary :)

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