@aral @janci The best code editor ever minus the corporate bullshit, minus Chromium bullshit, minus Node.js bullshit, minus Web bullshit: #Emacs

@aral @janci Just started a new gig last and had VScode up and running, but I much prefer this! Thanks for the migration howto

@cuniculus @aral

well, thats original M$ program but I am using #VSCodium


which doesnt have telemetry, it doesnt send data what you are doing in code to M$

@janci @aral

It's open source build with extension store patch[0], comparable to VSCodium.

Don't know if the open source builds have telemetry & crash reporting disabled though, but you can change it in the preferences[1].

[0]: git.archlinux.org/svntogit/com
[1]: code.visualstudio.com/docs/get

@cuniculus @aral

aha, looks that I was wrong, reading wiki


I find that #code is another version based on M$ program


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