Question: is anyone who’s following me using Site.js in production right now?

(Wondering about how I should implement a possibly breaking feature.)

@aral No, not really. I think you can break it, it's still a young app right?

@croqaz Very. I haven’t even pushed it to Github yet and won’t until I have the auto-update feature for production servers ready (hopefully today/tomorrow).

Not that it would break as such but wondering if it’s worth spending time on the upgrade experience this early on for what will be on version upgrade. Thanks for the feedback.

@aral Hey, since you replied and you're a nice guy, what's your personal opinion on a static website generator?
I can check the website for the full list, but I'm curious about your opinion.

If you intend for it to be a tool to help protect peoples rights and democracy then Github might not be the best place for it.

@ck I should have been precise and said “mirror it”. We keep all our code on our own repos (

@aral I am not but can you not roll this as a feature branch and tease out the upgrade options To find the nicest path? Then people still join try out the RC? And the switching for current users will be the best possible. (I’m sure it’s not that simple mind)

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