Hey, so given you apparently still can’t buy more than one Raspberry Pi Zero at a time, anyone know of a good alternative with similar performance and, heck, maybe even built-in ethernet?

Asking for a potential fun little project ;)

A quick follow-up: thanks to Andreas Monitzer’s suggestion on the birdsite, I just ordered one of these, which sounds perfect for what I have in mind:

I also just saw that a number of you recommended it & similar boards from the same company here. Thank you all so much for your feedback. Will check out some of the other alternatives you mentioned also but the zeropi sounds perfect for my needs :)

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> you apparently still can’t buy more than one Raspberry Pi Zero at a time

Wait, what??

@aidalgol Yeah, it’s been that way since launch. Very odd. I wouldn’t mind paying twice what it costs if it was available.

@aral Weird. Have you looked into the knockoff Banana Pi?

@aidalgol I had but found one that fits my needs better – – thank you so much for replying :)

@thibaultamartin @PINE64 Love them and their ethics but sadly I need something small for this project. (And I really want to try their stuff but have been putting it off due to fears about international shipping… I should really overcome that.) :)

@aral I do not have one, but I have considered buying from friendlyarm - such as the zeropi or nanopi.
(I have not purchased because I have enough small arm boards that I am not using now.)

If China is an issue, Odroid boards are available via distributors outside Korea as well:
And while the XU4Q series is not exactly the same as the pi zero, it's still cheap - and at least where I am, buying from Europe (not "we don't want to be Europe anymore" either, done with their sh*t) makes more sense than from the US.

The Rock Pi S is supposedly coming to German distributors, but I don't see it yet in the distributor stores.

@Truck Hey, thank you so much for this. I actually ordered a zeropi after someone recommended it on Twitter also ( Really appreciate your help :)

@aral nanopi neo lts from friendly arm, similar hardware and I am sure they’ll sell you more than their site says if you email them and ask.

@aral Did you run across any similar boards without ethernet or USB-A? I'm looking for a simple to update board that fits into a smaller space

@aral just saw you had lots of suggestions and had already picked one! Thanks, Chris, appreciate your time. Yeah, I did end up finding one but always good to have other options and to hear of other’s experiences :)

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