@aral Amazing work ! Crazy how the things goes small when I look at this with my childhood's nerdy memories 🖖🏼🤓 Do you know how long the battery lasts with this precise setup ?

@danslerush I was telling Laura the same thing – one PC card was bigger than the whole thing when I was a kid assembling IBM-PC clones :)

The battery lasts ~2 hours on light load. You can get bigger batteries.

@aral Ah ah I can understand ;)

~2hours isn't bad for the whole thing, and it develops some new usages. We can imagine increasing a little autonomia and have sufficient power for small trips and have the possibilty to plug the whole thing at home/work/etc.

Well done in all cases 🤩

@hypolite I was telling Laura that the other day :) It’s either that or it looks like a ship if the LTE stick is on the bottom :)

@aral Nicely done and thank you for sharing! I'm trying to configure dyndns without using ngrok, which actually cost more then the hardware if you want your own domain..
So for now I tried the debian package of ddclient on the raspberry pi, it's working but really depending on the router configuration to enable communication with the outside world... If someone as a free option that could replace ngrok, that would be great! Thanks!

@aral just found an open source alternative to ngrok / serveo github.com/antoniomika/sish this could be interesting!

@mrflos Sounds cool; thanks but I don’t think it would fit my needs as I need to be able to run tunnels on ports 80, 443, and 22 simultaneously which ngrok allows but I’m not sure if you can achieve that just with ssh tunnels (ngrok also has an experimental ssh tunnel feature where you can’t run more than one at a time).

@inhji @aral Nice, that is really in the "do it yourself" vibe, I love it! Thanks for writing it, I will try it out!

@mrflos@mastodon.cc @aral@mastodon.ar.al Oh, I did not write this, I just found it useful and thought you might too :)

@aral It would be awesome if you could jerry rig a solar panel to the top of the case, so that it charges itself and runs 24/7.

@aral 1st pic looks like the world's smallest chainsaw
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