1. Legislate to make OpenNIC support mandatory in the EU

2. Work with Let’s Encrypt to implement TLS support for OpenNIC domains (do 1 & 2 together)

Do this and you will free us from one (unnecessary) shackle preventing us from controlling the digital/networked aspects of our selves.

There’s so much we could achieve with regulation not only to limit the abuses of people farmers like Google, Facebook, etc., but also to incentivise topologically decentralised systems where individuals control their own digital/networked presence. We’re not even considering that.

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And as long as the focus of the EU is markets and business, we’re not going to get there. As long as the goal is “Digital Single Market” we have a problem.

See our work with the Commons Network to try and reframe this narrarive at commonsnetwork.org/news/new-a-

@aral I recently used this debate on single market and the alternative digital Europe vision for a classroom exercise on a course. Part of the students were in the establishment role, part argued for the counter-vision. It was interesting though a bit difficult for first-year students...

@aral What alternative(s) to "markets" do you see?



Defined/distinguished how?

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