Just finished preparing my presentation for the European Parliament on Tuesday. I’m representing @Mastodon and small technology there on a panel to discuss the future of the Internet and I hope we can get the regulators to at least not fuck things up for our ethical alternatives.

My slides (not hugely meaningful without the narrative but in case you’re curious) are here:

Remind me again why I let you talk me into this, @Gargron? ;P

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron I guess it will be recorded ? If yes, do you know where it will be available ? (can't find it yet)

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron
Just went through it.
I wish you best of luck.
Let us know how it went tomorrow. =-)

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron
This is hugely significant, Aral.
Your efforts will be boosted multiple times.

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron

As important as this is - and it's incredibly important - I can't fathom how you can do this in 10 minutes. Even with these slides.

At some point (well after this presentation) if you could share with me (and others) how you approached this and how you were able to condense it into what you created here.

(I won't ask you to share how it went, as I am fairly sure you already know we're all anticipating the response greatly... the tone of the meeting, whether anyone seemed receptive, etc.)

@aral I love the no's and yeses for regulation and the GDMR proposal.

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron
That's exactly the best thing you can get out of the regulators* : "not fuck things up".

* the guys whose only purpose in life is to write more and more regulations.

@aral this is awesome and am really glad you are making this effort. I hope they are paying attention!

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron Is this for some particular committee of the parliament?

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron goddam I want to read that wired article about softbank now 😂😂

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron Nobody ever relinquishes control once they have it. Look at me, that should tell you.

All the best!
As you said, the slides don't work without spoken words, but they.make a ton of sense to me. Fingers crossed they also work on the recipients...
@Mastodon @gargron

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