“This is the European Parliament and I’m here to chew gum and speak truth to power… and I’m all outta gum!” ;)

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@aral Go you!! Someone's gotta talk the truth and demonstrate that alternatives exist!

@Aral Balkan Break a leg! And give'm something to think about! I know you can!

@aral good luck, speak well and clearly, I hope they pay attention to your words, slides, and mostly your ideas

@aral Again, I'm all with you and "fuck surveillance capitalism" (*pinpoints to a "State surveillance capitalism" slide*), but I suppose the Greens and Pirates have better knowledge of the EU Parliament than you do.

@aral (If you're interested in State surveillance capitalism, you should look at Orange and understand what State capitalism is: for example, if you look at the railway networks in post-colonized countries, I guess you could see that the railways would lead to natural resources being extracted for the colonizer's industrials.)

@aral (Orange being in love with the French information services, and being formerly called "France Telecom", a privatized public service.)


That's for the best, it's quite difficult to do both at the same time...

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