I’m on now, talking at the Future of Internet Regulation panel at the European Parliament.

Watch live: web-greensefa.streamovations.b

@aral Thanks for this speech !

Is there any chance it will be available in replay / podcast ? I would really like to share it later with friends 😊

@aral Your speech was incredible.
Great job, Aral!



Thanks for this speech ...

Hopefully the message will arrive... Thank you so much Aral, your talk gave me goosebumps. Let's hope they got your message!

@aral « I'm not holding my breath » You killed it ! 🖖🏼😂

@aral Great talk !
Too bad so many seats were empty 😕

@n0m1s Thanks; it looked rather full from stage. Haven’t seen the feed yet.

It was the camera angle that gave this impression (when looking towards the panel). During the questions it had your POV and it felt less empty 🙂

@aral Well done, man. I hope they'll take action in favor of our right to privacy.

@aral Facebook has such bad speakers, they're not saying anything just waffling and saying "food for thought" and shit

@aral you actually made points, they're literally just filling space

@aral "Nobody is surveilled on Facebook" they just literally said that! 😆

That must have been painful, there were so many bad speakers in the room. Well done on the talk though, you described some points simply and directly in terms that couldn't really be argued with.

@aral That lady from #Facebook is laughing whilst she says she's happy Facebook chose an advertising business model. :grimace_fb:


@matt @aral "Our business model is based on advertising, which is very privacy-respecting" - my day won't get any funnier 🤣

@aral You were awesome!! Hopefully the audience will recognize and realize what you're saying enough for at least some of them to recognize what you're saying. Also, gotta love Facebook lady who's sitting there talking about how Facebook respects and is working to further respect privacy. As if. I hope people don't take that mess seriously. My fear is how much influence companies have over the European Parliament.

@aral 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

:blobfoxthumbsup: Good talk, good Q&A. I hope people got the gist of it. Because I realized when looking at the panel that it's a sadly alien concept to people nowadays, that they are not on such a "platform" aka. company playground.

@Aral Balkan Very good last remarks about shopping malls vs public spaces. And from the concluding remarks of the moderator it seems it even got through. Great performance!

@aral Oh damn, just noticed this. Any way we can get this on replay?

@__ant1sg__ @aral oh yeah, a link of a recording would be great!

@aral I’m super happy I managed to see it live! Great speech, thank you!


I don't understand why they're in a hurry. Discussing an important thing takes time.

Your last comment was relatively quick compared to the seznam and Facebook but very truthful.

@aral Terrific intervention Aral, congrats ! Concerned internet-users have found a great herald in you..or maybe hero ! 😊
My workshift let me watch only a part of it, but everything I could see was so on point! Thank you for letting our voices be heard


...and the camera operator manages to keep the speaker's right elbow just on the edge of the right screen edge, so you can never see their face. ... except for that british guy

...the only person who gets his full face on the screen while talking is complaining about not enough law enforcement being present ...

Thanks for fighting the good fight!

If anyone wants to watch the replay:

I tuned in too late -- will have a good listen to the bits that I missed now.

Benefit of the silly camera angle: Watching the lady next to the FB representant is quite interesting ....
paraphrase: "FB has to automatically censor stuff because we're so large" -- FB makes shitloads of money because they're so large. They could increase their budget for this tenfold (rather than having it done by non-profits...) and still make money.

That lady (Chloe B. ... cannot read the name signs in the video 🙁 ) is with the European center of digital rights, and her entire speech is absolutely worth it. (starts at about 1:05)

hazy definitions in law + strict fines = huge potential of misuse by companies and governments. With plenty examples.

watching #DigitalServicesAct discussion today.

FB spokesperson like: "blabla, we have 2billion users, we want more power to do as we please, and it's great to see such diverse opinions here".

European Centre for Digital Rights representative
Chloe B. like:

@aral Is there a specific time the presentation is given - it's hard to find in the 4-hour video.

@Downes Ah, it’s already up at the same url :) It starts at 1:14

@aral @Downes I tuned in about halfway through your bit but stopped watching when the Facebook person started talking about privacy without irony. The person next to them was struggling not to laugh! You were certainly empassioned enough but will the message get through? I hope so but doubt it.

@aral that was *huge* 😀 Thank you very much, Aral.

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