You can now watch my talk on the future of Internet regulation at the European Parliament yesterday on Peertube (@joinpeertube) thanks to @vincib

And here are my slides (which were on the screens but aren’t visible in the video):

“Facebook is as much a hosting provider as the stasi was.” Nice opening!


never expected someone to mention the #Ferengi Alliance in the #EuropeanParliament 😄
I bet @quark sees it as free promotion ;)

@FiXato @aral @quark I imagine that fellow who tried to shut Aral down with the 'indoor voice' garbage _also_ thinks it's free promotion.

@FiXato @aral I'm going to charge them a license fee if I can figure out the EU paperwork.

@aral @vincib Great talk! HOWEVER, I wanted to watch the entire stream and I was told I needed Adobe Flash. Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony here? ;) Does this mean I can't watch the entire stream if I choose not to install adobe flash? (apart from being propriety I hear flash is also a terrible security risk...)

@vincib @aral

Are you talking about the full stream? I can watch the Peertube video but I you click on 'show more' and follow the link to the Full Stream this is what I get...


@aral We are currently transcribing it here
and will translate to French and add both subtitles to the video ;)

@vincib I can’t thank you enough, Benjamin :) 💕

@aral what are you saying Line 82 of our pad ? ;) (bold text)

@vincib @aral While that's going on - (and I hope you are doing it via SRT files or similar, so other languages can be done as well... though it will be at least 2-3 years before I can try to do it in Finnish...)

Perhaps we can try to mux in the slides somehow? i.e. show the slides, while showing Aral speaking in a smaller window?

(Yes, much different than just translation - but it could help folks to understand the full presentation.)

@vincib I'd like to translate it to German.
@aral , may I put the German translation on m Blog? and, will the original speech be put on your's?

@herrdoering @aral that would be awesome, the easier way if you want to do it with friends is to translate it on a new etherpad url ;)
also, if you have the final text in German, I'll gladly do the .SRT file to add it to the video file ;)

@vincib Here the German translation of Aral's speech. Just the first real speech.

@vincib Best would be, if the original speech and all translations would be present on one website or blog.

@aral , could that be your's? For me this is a very important speech. It should be near it's speaker. ;-)

As it seems, there will be the original English one, the French translation and the German one.

#AralBalkan #EuSpeech

@herrdoering @vincib I’ll write up a post. Anyone else is also welcome to. The more the merrier :)

Could you tell also about your observations inside the parliament? How did you perceive people's interest in the discussing? How were interactions after official closing?
@herrdoering @vincib

@nurinoas @herrdoering @vincib Definitely had an immediate impact. Harder to tell longer term. Have had MEPs reach out to talk… we’ll see :)

@aral @vincib Hooray! Plays directly from mpv via command line!

(Thoroughly expected such, as it's peertube (: )

@aral @vincib Supercool! Thank you for your good work :)

Excellent, merci. Une allocution qui redonne un peu d'espoir. Si on ose imaginer qu'elle a été écouté et entendu.

@aral Nice one! Lots of things that needed to be said to Legislators!

I only have some qualms with the choice of slide viewer site... in FF mobile at least, the aspect ratio is completely broken (see images). It gets worse in full screen portrait mode.

Well, it looks like we are perfectly aligned but you are surely much better than I am in conveying the message.

Thanks @vincib for publishing the video that is now replicated also on my instance:

@aral @vincib Excellent, impassioned speech. Great examples and a very good end point.

Thanks for doing this!

@aral @vincib

Holy Shit!

I'm surprised that microphone is still on the desk because it definitely was dropped in this presentation. Thank you.

@aral @vincib
>How can we build the technology differently? We already are! One person, one german guy, created Mastodon, which is a federated system.

Nice talk, thanks. But....... "Topology matters" and history too... AFAIK federated social networks exist thanks to Laconica/StatusNet/OStatus (2008) but as you explain it it seems Gargron invented the Fediverse...
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