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@aral is well known to be a firebrand for the New digital freedoms we deserve. But this speech to EU's parliament yesterday... damn man. Truth to power.

17 minutes of spitting straight fire.

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This goes to the core of what @JohnsNotHere and I discussed on PurpleSquad last week.

You seek your freedom? Decentralized services are the way to digital freedom.

The illusion of control provided by FB and Twitter being a single point of leverage are lies.

Aral, seriously, thank you for this. Your work is an amazing example of what many of us strive to articulate.

I am attending an education symposium for my state today, and I am working some of your talking points into my talk.... If I can influence in some small way the way we tech kids to think about this, I will take my shot too.

The rest of you? Take a page from this. We are in the Cyberpunk Dystopia we were warned about. Flex your contacts, and make it ours instead of theirs. Speak out loud about it.

Get passionate.

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@thegibson @JohnsNotHere Thank you both for your kind words and the work you’re doing also. Best of luck with your talk and if you want to use any of my materials, please do, it’s all CC ShareAlike :) 💕

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@aral @JohnsNotHere this is a panel discussion... but in the future I will likely show this. I run a DefCon community DC502 has monthly meetings, and this is a topic we can get with.

Thank you so much for this, this is how we all need to be talking about the problem.

You are good with the words and stuff. ;)

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