You can now watch my talk on the future of Internet regulation at the European Parliament yesterday on Peertube (@joinpeertube) thanks to @vincib

And here are my slides (which were on the screens but aren’t visible in the video):

@aral We are currently transcribing it here
and will translate to French and add both subtitles to the video ;)

@vincib I'd like to translate it to German.
@aral , may I put the German translation on m Blog? and, will the original speech be put on your's?

@herrdoering @aral that would be awesome, the easier way if you want to do it with friends is to translate it on a new etherpad url ;)
also, if you have the final text in German, I'll gladly do the .SRT file to add it to the video file ;)

@vincib Here the German translation of Aral's speech. Just the first real speech.

@vincib Best would be, if the original speech and all translations would be present on one website or blog.

@aral , could that be your's? For me this is a very important speech. It should be near it's speaker. ;-)

As it seems, there will be the original English one, the French translation and the German one.

#AralBalkan #EuSpeech

@herrdoering @vincib I’ll write up a post. Anyone else is also welcome to. The more the merrier :)

Could you tell also about your observations inside the parliament? How did you perceive people's interest in the discussing? How were interactions after official closing?
@herrdoering @vincib


@nurinoas @herrdoering @vincib Definitely had an immediate impact. Harder to tell longer term. Have had MEPs reach out to talk… we’ll see :)

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