hey @aral I watched your speech yesterday and I loved it. And you could do another one at some point regarding data and job hunting. Yesterday I was given a psychometric test during an "interview". With my name of course on it. And later on I got furious, because this is TOO private and personal data, about my mental state at the moment. (1/3)

@aral Interviews are stressful and for the past few months I've had plenty of them with the "thank you, you are rejected" follow-up and the results will probably depict my high levels of anxiety.

And I started thinking that perhaps one day you will not be able to get hired bcs these tests will have become the new “normal” procedure before even you can talk to the HR and their result go to some databank that describes you as this and that, if they don’t already. (2/3)

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@aral And this could exclude a lot of people, because of some shitty one-time results that probably have nothing to do on how you perform. We are ore complicated than that. What do you think on this matter? (3/3)

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@tzo Hey @tzo, I can’t believe such invasive tests are legal. Thought: as someone who was subjected to this, your first-hand testimony/activism would be invaluable. Is it a topic you would consider championing? If there’s anything I can do to help amplify your voice on this, I’d be happy to. The least I can do is boost your toots if that’s ok with you.

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@aral good morning. I haven't considered activism, although you were very inspiring. it is something I should think a lot, but the moment I know I can't give it more time, the priorities are clearly other. Boosts are ok. Good morning :blobcatcoffee:

@tzo Of course. Self care first, everything else later (now if I only listened to that instead of just saying it) :)

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