Just released Site.js version 12.10.4

This is mainly a technical debt release with a major refactoring to use @small-tech/https instead of and It also consolidates settings into a single directory under ~/.small-tech/site.js and improves the uninstaller. Also has a couple of improvements on (*shudder*) Windows.

@aral any plans to fix the systemd requirement? (Check if you need some reasons to not require systemd)

@hugin Nope. I’m trying to put out a forest fire so I don’t have time to fixate on the mineral content of the water I’m using ;)

Please do feel free to fork and implement if that’s important for you. If you can do it in a way that can be added seamlessly without complicating the process / making it more fragile, happy to consider pulling it in :)

@aral I'll see if I can do something when I have some time. No promises, though, only ever touched JS once, back in 2010/11, and it made my head hurt

@aral gotta admit that I was hoping that google-dns-as-default would earn that vulnerability framework with an elephant footprint an instant red card 😋

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