I think this might be the first time I’ve hand coded a slide for a presentation. You don’t have to do this but I love that lets you do it if you want to (and add custom CSS too).

Moving to for my slides and to using OBS Studio live switch between slides and terminal and browser, etc., during demos is light years ahead of what I could do with Keynote :)

@marco @gregoiremarty You can turn the analytics off though (they implemented that when I asked if they could so they listen/care).

And, more importantly, they’re “an independent and self-funded business operating solely on what we make from our paying customers” (

@aral I've been writing my presentations in markdown and then converting them to reveal.js slides for years. It's great! Easy to get consistent, good looking slides quickly and you can start messing with css if you want to do fancy stuff.

@jonne @aral Yep, and it's a simple invocation of pandoc to take markdown directly into revealjs ... no need to involve third party hosting services of any kind, just host the presentation files on a static site.

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