Wondering if some of you might help me with a little bit of research: Can you check your router and let me know if it has a free USB port and ethernet port (and whether it even has a USB port?)

Will help me with a little product idea I have :)


Thank you all for your replies. I think I have enough of an idea now. Appreciate your help :)

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@aral 2 usb ports, both free, 4 ethernet ports (1 free)

@aral The FritzBoxen I use at various locations do.


My ISP provided router only has 2 Ethernet ports and nothing else.

Kinda pisses me off as I need more than 2 ethernet ports.

@admicos I’m beginning to think this is quite common. A Sky router at the place I’m at right now is the same.


The worse thing is, that their OLD router had ~4 ethernet ports (but still no USB, IIRC)

It's only after multiple years of use that the old router broke, and they replaced it with this new router.

The only good thing about this one is that you can change the router's DNS from the admin panel, but everything else is the same AFAICT.

Kind of a downgrade from my perspective.

@admicos I wonder if there’s a trend in that direction.

@aral no USB port here. 2 out of 4 Ethernet ports free right now.

@aral yes it does have a USB port. But I use it to power my Hive hub. :) And yes on the Ethernet.

@torgo Neat, thanks, Dan :) Is this the router that your ISP provided or one you bought separately?

@aral it's one I bought, but the one my ISP provided (BT Home Hub) also does have a free USB port and multiple ethernet jacks.

@aral Airport Extreme, USB for disk/printer, eth in, 3 eth out, currently 1 eth out is unfilled.

@aral I have TP Link TL-WR840N, it does not have USB ports but has 5 ethernet ports

@aral as probably a big use in the UK FYI BT smarthub 2 yes and yes

@aral I have 1 free usb port and 4 ethernet ports on the router. The modem has 1 ethernet port and 2 free usb ports that I didnt know where there.

@aral 2 USB ports and one ethernet port (but I have a 36-port switch connected to it, lol)

@aral On all of the newer routers I've seen, yes. I think they have to be quite old before you stop seeing the USB port.

@aral I probably had the same idea as you when I wrote this guide on how to turn your spare Raspberry Pi into a TOR relay node. :)

@monsieuricon @aral More than 8 years back I envisioned we individually running Facebook/Twitter like content sharing app along with Skype like messaging app. Such distributed system required very limited federation infrastructure. A year later RPi was announced.

EnThinnai was built with "Small Technology" in mind. Indeed the original name I considered was Swaraj (channeling Gandhi), with the byline Small is beautiful. 🙂

- 2 free USB ports (out of 2)
- 2 free Ethernet ports (out of 4). But one of the port connects to an ethernet switch located in another room (with 1 free port out of 5)

@aral Can I dare to hope it's a product for plugging stray ports with something such that there is some manner of alarm if the plug is removed unexpectedly, in order to prevent driveby plug-ins?

@aral Router: yes (Turris Omnia). 5 eth ports, wifi, and 2x USB.

Modems frequently do not -- often only a single Ethernet port. Some have a UART (though generally not externally accessible), for debug.

yes, and yes.
I actually have two routers in service, and both have free USB and LAN ports.

Always thought about connecting a Raspi but never had time/ideas to actually set anything useful up.

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