Bloody hell Wireguard is so simple to set up. Been using it via AzireVPN (which is excellent) for over a year now but only just got round to playing with setting up my own server. Amazing how simple it is (writing this via a VPN connection to it now).

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Note: *relatively* simple, as in compared to legacy VPN tools for someone who’s technically proficient. Not simple as in “everyday thing for everyday people.” But a game changer. *schemes a little scheme* :)

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Do you have any suggested reading material for it for setup? I'm looking for alternatives to OpenVPN right now.

@JohnsNotHere Good luck + remember to open the Wireguard port (default 51820) – I got bitten by that ;)

@aral @JohnsNotHere Have you tried ZeroTier? Had a similar “OMG that was so simple” moment the first time I set it up.... and every time I add a new node to the network TBH

@aral Nice work! The only thing that stopped me self-hosting was the cost of the host. Difficult to beat hosted options. But as I write this I'm starting to wonder if I should place more value on being in control of my VPN endpoint.

@aral hmm, afaics protonvpn doesn't support wireguard yet.

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