TIL that Microsoft’s remote development extensions for VSCode are not open source and so cannot be used in Codium.

Microsoft being Microsoft.

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@aral Remote development as in... remote debugging?

@aral People using VSCode instead of Atom* baffle me. VSCode might be a little faster, but has less plugins, and has giant blobs of binary from Microsoft. Even if VSCodium think they excised them, what else did MS put in there?

* Yeah, there's lighter editors. Atom does a lot of useful stuff.

@silmathoron @aral It is, which is concerning, but the Atom devs seem to be pretty independent, it's all developed in the open, and it doesn't have a history of secret blobs full of tracking data.

Just changing management doesn't instantly turn everyone red team.

@mdhughes @aral sure, I would consider Atom more trustworthy than VSCode, but I am still (though not very actively) looking for an alternate Py/C++ IDE instead of these two... if anyone has suggestions, they are welcome!

@silmathoron @aral On the Mac, BBEdit is fantastic for doing Python and C, dunno if it'd be usable for C++. It's not an IDE, but a programmer's editor.

Geany is OK as xplat IDE, but it doesn't have a true dark mode.

@mdhughes @aral just trying to summon life to atom linters, but no success in 10+ minutes. They're mostly broken and outdated. 😕

@aral They're Embracing and Extending their own software now ...

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