@aral @sandyman @laura Nice post.

However… my first impression, thanks to Medium, looked like this screenshot.

It's a good illustration of what happens when you don't have any control over the platform. Rather ironic it requires a Facebook (or Google) account to read.

(Thankfully, Firefox Preview made it readable without an account. The browser in the screenshot is Firefox Nightly with uBlock Origin, running within Lynket.)

Weird. While medium insists on throwing these things at me too and they are annoying as hell, I always get the optional one and just close it. Never considered they had a "sign up or go away" version of it as well.

@aral @sandyman @laura

@espen @aral @sandyman @laura Yep, I get the optional ones sometimes too.

I figured this mandatory one was worth sharing. I'm sure it's not intended, but this is where Medium is moving.

And if I'm seeing the mandatory one from time to time, I'm sure others are too.

(Note: I'm on a different network than usual and this browser is set up to throw away all cookies when closed… So it isn't from repeat Medium viewing.)

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