“Boeing 737 Max ‘designed by clowns’, staff warned”

This plane needs to be permanently retired and any new plane Boeing releases from now on should be examined under a microscope before being certified airworthy.

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I heard rumors from a former Boeing fleet technical pilot that some airlines refuse to accept aircraft deliveries from Chicago as they do not meet the same standards as the ones from Seattle. So part of the company still seems to be influenced by competent engineers. It is still a shame to see a great longstanding product in such a devastating shape.

@aral This is what happens when "MBA type" bureaucrats take the reins from Engineers and try to run the show with just one motivation - profits!

@aral A friend of mine told me he has a friend working on reparation of Airbus planes I think ... he doesnt take flights anymore 😱

Friend of mine used to work for Airbus in manufacturing, dealing with parts with defects or out of tolerance, deciding what to repair or not. Said he felt some pressure to decide for repair -- there were always tests after that repair, but ... He didn't feel good about it.

On the other hand: The frequency of aircraft accidents due to structural failures is lower than ever, and there's more of 'em than ever.

@aral Paywall blocked, but hopefully it'd point out that Boeing's gone from awesome airplane company to incompetent since McD-D reverse acquired them and moved HQ to Chicago. No promotion of engineers to management, no engineers hiring or supervising what's being done, so of course everything they do sucks.

It's just surprising it took 20 years for everyone competent to leave or die instead of 5 or 10.

This is a lot of why I despise ULA, too.

@aral The wikipedia article on this is amazing!

It appears that they tried to fix a physical bad design with software design, and failed.

«The MCAS flight control law (software) was implemented on the 737 MAX to mitigate the aircraft's tendency to pitch up because of the aerodynamic effect of its larger, heavier, and more powerful CFM LEAP-1B engines and nacelles.»

@aral Plus of course Boeing should be taken to the cleaners and huge awards made to families/survivors of those who died.

@aral Is there a non-paywalled story covering this?

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