Some of the most well-known civil society organisations purportedly tackling the harms of smoking are currently engaged in begging Philip Morris to only stock its own brand of cigarettes to protect the health of the population.

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@aral How does this relate to surveillance capitalism? Forgive my dumb.

@sossalemaire @aral It's above my head unfortunately. What can you conclude from that story that you can apply to surveillance capitalism? How are they similar?

@Lofenyy @aral It's related to this announcement:…

Aral has been regularly comparing Google and Facebook to cigarette manufacturers and "privacy-conscious" organizations as anti-smoking associations to show how close they actually are in the privacy world.

Not sure how to parse the sentence, @aral

What's the “it” in “its own brand of cigarette”? Where does Philip Morris stock anything, do they have stores open to the public? I'm confused.

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