“Apple Says ‘No!’” and what that means for the future of Better Blocker following our move to Ireland

@lasombra why do you dislike app stores?

Does it also apply to the pay-what-you-want app store of elementary OS which promotes only open source apps?

@davidak I was referring to @aral's post on Apple App Store.

I dislike the opaqueness, "pay to get away with murder" and "I only change due social media impressions".

@aral that sux :( ... best of luck with the change, I hope you get a better response from Better Blocker users than you might expect.

@aral I'm so sorry about that. But unfortunetaly it has not suprised me.

I tried to make a donation using your page, but as I do not have a credit card and you do not have enabled paypal (via stripe) as a payment gateway I cannot send you funds. Yo do not happen to have a liberapay account or a paypal I can send you money to?

The best,

@der_On Hey Ondrej, thanks so much. We don’t have liberapay or Paypal at the moment but it’s the thought that counts; appreciate it :)

@aral I think I still have a virtual prepaid credit card. Will try that.

@aral Finally managed to send you some money via my virtual credit card. Also the process is stupid:
- transfer money from bank account to credit card
- wait X days
- loose half the money for credit card billing I was not aware off
- finally send the money to @aral and @laura

I will see if my new bank offers credit cards. Otherwise this is stupid.

@der_On @laura Thank you much, Ondrej and I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I think if we put our bank account details on the page people in the EU at least should be able to do direct transfers. Will add that to our list of things to do (we already wanted to but things got in the way). Thank you again for your support – it means a lot 💕

@aral Nothing surprising from the apple 🍎 walled garden. They control the ecosystem fully and the developers are supposed to be puppets following whatever apple feels are the rules. Its us who gave them so much power, high time to jailbreak it or go to a different ecosystem.

@aral thanks for the update. Please post profusely here when new account publishes the app. I think it was reasonably priced, and would not be averse to paying the new account again to help counter this issue. Sorry that you cannot get better developer support from them. It just seems like this would have happened before for others.

does the #Apple #AppStore allow for you to create your own, unique, discount codes?
If so, maybe there's a way to send one already to each of your current users?

@aral Say, while looking at alternatives to live and work, may I suggest Helsinki?

If you happen to be in the area, I think I can arrange a number of folks showing you around various things, and probably line up some folks to answer questions about having a small business based here. (I do not, but I know some who do, including a UK expat.)

Hi @aral and @laura Please DM me at the moment Better 2020.1 is / should be available. Thnx !

@aral what a pain, ill buy the new versions when they arrive from Small tech, see you on the other side!

@aral Sorry to hear about the difficulties in trying to transfer Better. Will be on the lookout for the new one under the new account. Would definitely be willing to pay again for this great blocker!

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