I’m slowly losing my will to have anything to do with this Borg-like corporation.

@aral seems like the only reaction a reasonable person could have

@aral Using walled gardens like the Apple or Google App Stores is just wrong, @fdroidorg is the way to go.

@cosmo @aral @fdroidorg In my current situation, it would me very expensive for me to switch from iOS to Android, and I would suddenly have to care for a number of security issues that the iOS ecosystem doesn't have.

I for one am thankful Aral favors accessibility over stupidly narrow moral judgments.

@hypolite @aral Someone could also say it's a "stupidly narrow moral judgment" to criticize @fosdem for having Google as a sponsor.

Btw, what security issues are you talking about exactly?

@cosmo @aral @fosdem Yes, but it would be comparing apples to oranges and wouldn't look good on the sayer. Comparing what sponsors you accept as an organization and what platforms you target as a developer is entirely different.

And I haven't dug into it much because I use iOS, but having different physical devices having different Android versions on top of the preinstalled carrier bloatware isn't reassuring.

@hypolite It's not different if "freedom" is your main argument.
@aral @fosdem

@hypolite You could get rid of the carrier bloatware by choosing an AOSP based Android distribution like LineageOS, GrapheneOS or CalyxOS.

If you stick with the stock ROM from the vendor of your phone you could also stay at iOS, it makes no difference.

@cosmo @aral But in the real world it does make a difference, hence my mention of narrow-mindedness. Freedom isn't an afterthought, it is expensive. Running an AOSP-based Android distribution is expensive, not using Google Play is expensive. Not necessarily in money, but in time spent, convenience lost and knowledge required.

Maybe for you it's obvious and easy, but you simply can't expect everyone else to be able to afford the same price. Does this mean people unable to afford this cost shouldn't have access to Better Blocker? Thankfully for me and many others, Aral doesn't think so.

@hypolite Convenience is the real problem, yes. Most people just don't care. We need to teach them why proprietary software is a problem, why using walled gardens is a problem, why using centralized services is a problem. Distributing software in the Apple app store is the exact opposite.

@cosmo @aral Nope, it isn't a lack of pedagogy. Again, maybe for you it's obvious and straightforward and it's great, but if you can't grasp why other people would not care as much about the proprietary software problem even when knowing about it and the alternatives, I suggest you step back for a while from debates around free and open source software and especially refrain from telling people what they should or shouldn't do.

I reiterate one more time: Even knowing about the proprietary software problem, switching to free and open source alternatives is costly. So people like me carefully ponder between the cost and the expected benefits and end up choosing what feels right for them.

And I for one I'm glad Aral is extending his work to people like me because he doesn't just stop thinking anytime someone mentions iOS.

@aral I put Google in the same category. The question is what are the alternatives - yes FOSS is preferably but not always practical or possible. Microsoft now in many ways more "open" than Apple.

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