You think tech folks are smart. Truth is, most tech folks are so dumb they can’t understand why the equivalent of Greenpeace being funded by ExxonMobil is a problem when it happens in tech with so-called freedom and human rights orgs/events funded by Google, Facebook, and Palantir.

Is that really dumb? Maybe they are placing convenience above honesty.

Money dulls people's self-examination skills.

@muppeth @aral @railmeat dumb != ignorant, and tech people in general are ignorant of politics

@Jum's @Aral Balkan

dumb != ignorant, and tech people in general are ignorant of politics

Thats true.

@muppeth @aral @jums
I don't think `dump != ignorant` applies here.
Most people in tech are well aware of the controversies regarding the big 5, they just choose not to care. If you choose to touch a hot stove, you are certainly ignorant ans in 'not acting on the knowledge that you are getting burned', but it's perfectly reasonable to characterize that as dumb.

@ck @muppeth @aral hum, if they are "well aware" how can they be dumb ? To me, dumb is not having the capacity to understand. If they dont care, that means they understand whats wrong. Also, its not a problem of choice, they are simply not experiencing the harm that capitalism is doing.

@aral who are the techies who are supposedly arging this? You're making techies the enemy, not Google. Don't construct a strawman like that, it just weakens your argument by turning it into techbro infighting instead of people vs megacorps

@sir @aral think he's targeting FOSDEM - an EU FOSS event financed by big G and F.

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