Warning: if you haven’t updated Pop!_OS 19.04 to 19.10 yet, wait until this bug fix lands before you do:

I’m currently running some sort of half-broken Frankenstein 19.04/19.10/half-Pop!_OS/half-Ubuntu hybrid.

Issue, with details:

Just a quick update in case you miss my other toots: this fix has now landed in apt and it’s now safe to upgrade to Pop!_OS 19.10 again.


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@Gargron I don’t really think LTS makes sense for my everyday dev machine – I want to play with the latest stuffs :) All my servers are on LTS (Ubuntu, not Pop).

@alfonsomunozpomer Thanks, Alfonso. If I attempt an apt full-upgrade right now, it actually tells me it will remove pop-desktop, etc. (as I think it’s trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10, not Pop!_OS). I’m going to wait till the upgrade app is, umm, upgraded (tried compiling it myself but make/cargo is failing so there must be some undocumented dependency not managed by the Rust dependency system.)

@aral Ah, it’s a shame. It sounded similar to my botched update attempt... still it’s weird that by getting a clean set of APT sources wouldn’t fix things. Let me know if you get to the bottom of it, you never know when you can get to a wild bug.

@aral what's the point of pop os over other linux distributions?

(btw I use arch)
@aral @lucy well it certainly works a lot better for what I do on linux
@lucy @aral ive been using it for a few months and nothing breaks. But it only comes with gnome 3 so far
@igeljaeger @aral xfce4 is the highest amount of bloat I can accept for a desktop environment
@lucy @aral I dont really care about bloat that much as long as it isnt as heavy as windows 10

@aral Thinking about switching to Pop!_OS from Ubuntu. Can I just install Pop!_OS over an existing Ubuntu without loosing everything and also enabling full disk encryption if it is not yet encrypted?

@aral still waiting to see if I can get a PhD support laptop to run Pop! on... as its "windows" hardware via work central IT I am waiting to hear my options

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