We prepared a white paper for the #EuropeanCommission containing recommendations about #OpenHardware as encouraged last November:


Please discuss it or endorse it by replying to this thread.
The paper will be delivered on January 31.

A first draft was shared in December with:

* april.org @aprilorg
* fsfe.org @fsfe
* fsf.org @fsf
* Aral Balkan @aral
* waag.org @waag
* sfconservancy.org @conservancy
* gpl-violations.org
* commonsnetwork.eu

@fsi This is an important, timely, and well phrased report and the framing of temporarily-open licenses vs forever-open licenses is brilliant.

PS. @conservancy is funded by Google (sfconservancy.org/sponsors/) and I protest at my name being included in a list that includes them. If you’re happy taking money from surveillance capitalists like Google, we have nothing in common.


We were not aware that @conservancy is financed by Google. Thanks for pointing this out!

The choice of including the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) in the paper was inspired by the role of Bradley M. Kuhn in the creation of the Affero GPL (sfconservancy.org/blog/?author).

Since an involvement of Google conflicts with our standards (as stated in our statute wiki.f-si.org/index.php/F-Si_S), we have removed the SFC from the white paper. Anyhow, they have not provided any feedback to it.

@fsi @aral @conservancy Quick question, isn't Google funding kinda unavoidable? As far as I'm aware organizations like the FSF and OSI are too

@xerz @fsi @conservancy Nope, it’s not unavoidable. We’re not funded by them. @Framasoft isn’t funded by them. Last I checked, @waag wasn’t funded by them… shall I go on?

No environmentalist organisation is funded by ExxonMobil. And if they tell you they are, well, then you know they’re not really for the environment.

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@aral @fsi @conservancy I guess they are just taking the money expecting it will make a trojan horse out of the free software movement? Still, I've checked, the FSF(E) takes it, Conservancy, SPI and Debian take it, the Linux Foundation takes it, Apache takes it, GNOME takes it, KDE takes it, naturally Canonical and Red Hat take it - so that's almost all of the community.
@aral @conservancy @fsi In particular, it doesn't seem like there's a significant conflict of interest issue since from what I understand no one *depends* on Google to be sustainable. But yeah, along with others like Facebook, it is kinda like environmentalists taking money from oil companies.
@aral @conservancy @fsi (oh, and I didn't mention OSI and Eclipse, which take the money too)
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