When Google corrupts your politicians, your schools (#GSuite), your newspapers (#GNI), your web, your emails, your universities, .., you expect ".org"s like the #FSFE to be your last resort and to defend you.

But when you discover that also the FSFE is financed by Google (2013-2020), it is finally time to #panic:


#rms & #FSF fought #Google even in court:

Is the @fsfe in the position to do the same?

@FuckOffGoogle @aral

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe @FuckOffGoogle @aral

really, I don't like the google donation to fsfe, everybody know it's a poison gift. other hand i can understand some point to get the money.

one way to overcome google-money could be a campaign to reach new Supporter in this way: maybe "if we reach 500 new supporters, we don't accept google Donations anymore. Or maybe we cut google-donations to max 10% of whole income f.ex..


@tunda Yeah, great idea: Greenpeace already did that very successfully: if we reach 500 new supporters we won’t take any money from Shell and ExxonMobil anymore.

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I shall writing a letter to the President of FSFE, Matthias.

thank very much for the Greenpeace example, I did't heard about until know. thx.

@aral @tunda

This is a joke right? Please tell me this is a joke 😱

@kingannoy @tunda Of course it is. Unlike some technology “freedom” outfits, Greenpeace isn’t corrupt.

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