- Hey, did you know that in Linux, you can type the name of an app in Terminal and launch it?

- Oh, neat!

*fires up GNOME desktop* Ooh, let’s try this!

$ files .

- Oh, sorry, not that. That’s nautilus.

- Oh, uh-uh… ok, how about…

$ web

Ah, yes, no, that’s epiphany!



Cue: “you’re holding it wrong” and “it’s an upstream issue” in 3… 2…

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Well it's handled with "open". Try "open https://duckduckgo.com".

Oh, right, it's "xdg-open", which will probably change once Wayland becomes mainstream. You should know that, dumb user!

@sirikon @aral wait, why would it change once Wayland becomes mainstream?

@bugaevc @aral

Sorry, thought that the X in XDG related to XServer, as usual, but seems like I was wrong, but not 100% sure.

@sirikon @aral I believe XDG stands for Cross-Desktop Group; XDG stuff in general is not specific to X (in fact, some XDG stuff is even specific to Wayland). xdg-open works here on Wayland :)

@sirikon @aral I'm on Wayland since last year and xdg-open works fine.

@aral Nah man, that's a GNOME issue for obfuscating the real name of the applications. Good take 13/10

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