I could explain to you what the usability issues with free software are but it’s an upstream issue.

@aral There can't be any usability issues in #Linux, because if there were every programmer would just fix them with the freely-available source.

The problem with this is left as an exercise for someone's infinitely large github fork repo.

@aral The junk called electron apps are killing the #FreeDesktop - #gnome and #kde apps with lazy implementations going the javascript route. Electron apps are horribly slow when compared to what a #Qt or #GTK app can do.

@pavi @aral What is Electron

All I see are web browsers-


@pavi @aral I wonder why people prefer to make them anyway, despite GTK and Qt being all good and without any bad parts :thonking:

@dpwiz @aral Its capitalism at its best. They don't want to spend writing clients passionately for multiple platforms as they really don't care about those platforms. They just want something quick and dirty which works everywhere.
Also look at some SDK's of the API's some services provide they only give ios, android and JS SDK. They don't really care about other platforms and these horrible apps are making their way to make our GNU/Linux experience horrible.

@pavi @aral Who are "they" you reference here? This couldn't be "everyone, who makes electron apps", could it?

@dpwiz @aral If we look at proper free software projects, many of them want to diversify and write clients in whatever technology the developer likes it to be. For example though riot is the electron client from new vector for matrix, it came from venture capital. Nheko is a Qt based client, Fractal is for gnome. Not powerful as the JS one but still there are alternatives and proper free software projects encourage such alternatives to develop.

@dpwiz @aral They are those companies who wanna release quick and dont bother about platforms. They want one app for all OS. Reduces cost, regarding platforms performance? They don't care.

@pavi @aral Given the limited resources at everyone's disposal I'd bet the alternative for Electron apps would be "Linux commies can go fuck themselves", not a proper native app, even in one of the major toolkits.

Is this is that's killing free software, general availability of shitty proprietary apps?

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