Just turned down a TV appearance. This code isn’t going to write itself. As important as it is to communicate the dangers of surveillance-based mainstream technology, I feel it’s a better use of our time – for those of us that can – to work on creating alternative infrastructure.

Pick your appearances.

We know a brilliant #environmentalist who wasted many hours of their life preparing for an appearance on a #primetime, #corporate #televisionProgram in #Australia, called #theProject. Their #interview was never #broadcast.

Many in the #militaryMediaComplex are simply #phishing to tarnish #reputations. When they cannot they will deny the #publication. They will even turn down #paidAdvertising of good content citing #qualityConcerns.

We've seen it all.


Have a read of #GameOfMates by #DrCameronMurray to understand how a #cartel, #mafia, #organisedCrime can form over time, with little more than exchanging small #favours (at first).

When it comes to the #media there's a thing called #access, another called #revolvingDoor. Often also a thing called #advertising (many commercial networks get ad revenue from "#defense" contractors.)


I would go. The code can be written any time but there are a finite number of opportunities for media appearances.

@Hyolobrika @aral ditto here, unless the chance of it not being broadcast, or it's likely you won't properly get your say is really great.

I don't buy it, but suppose another objection people might throw up in some cases is that it validates news channels that are no good.

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