✅ Cup of tea
✅ RFC 8555
🔲 A new minimalistic and meticulously-tested library for Node.js for automatically provisioning Let’s Encrypt certificates (in progress)

And yes, yes, the code in the screenshot has a heap of bugs (AcmeRequest not required, module.exports missing, variable not declared outside of try…catch block… I don’t proof-read my screenshots either… was just where I was at when I posted it) :P

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@aral would love to beta test this in a small DIY p2p project you're looking for that sort of thing

@christianbundy Exactly the sort of thing it’s meant for (see If you your p2p app is a web-based app, why don’t you kick the tires on the current version of Site.js and let me know what you think: (that’s what this is ultimately for and Site.js is ultimately for Tincan, the person p2p network I want to build) ;)

@aral Oh, rad!

I'm building, which seems similar but built on top of SSB, there's a demo/public viewer here:

Anyway, it works! 🎉

I was surprised to see the sudo prompt, although I found it in the readme, but was also surprised about the output text -- is there a simple way to disable that? I've tried to be very conservative about logging to avoid alienating less-techy-folks, but I understand why it's sometimes useful!


That came across more naggy than I would've liked. Let's try again.

IT WORKS AND THIS IS AWESOME AND I CAN'T WAIT TO REPLACE CADDY WITH YOUR RAD SOFTWARE. I'm really happy to hear that you're building P2P and would love to collaborate on anything we can. ❤

I noticed two small things, which I mentioned above, but I'm really excited about how easy this was to integrate. My default host is localhost, where HTTPS is less useful, but this will be really really great for the public viewer.

@cuniculus Because my work is part of the commons and is designed to remain part of the commons. It is not for enclosure.

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