I got asked: “Why AGPL though?” for the license for the new Let’s Encrypt Node.js library I’m working on as part of Site.js.

Here’s why: Because my work is part of the commons and is designed to remain part of the commons. It is not for enclosure by corporations.

I usually just want attribution somewhere, because that's fair. Don't really care about the rest. I've released things under the do whatever you want license before :)

@sexybiggetje have you seen the WTF licence? It's MIT/BSD style (as opposed to GPL).

And Google won't touch it! 🙂 It's a little vague on patents.

So if you want to something "permissive" and to stop big corps, that could be an option

@aral just release without a license, it's toxic to lawyers and anyway copyright is a spook
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