Psst… you can’t practice ethical design at a company with an unethical business model.

Pass it on.

@aral I agree with this, and unfortunately it reduced the number of employers one can apply to 😞

@mauromorales @aral

I agree! Is there a list of ethical tech companies anywhere? That would be helpfull!

@mauromorales Sadly, yes, it does do that. The mainstream is a sewer.

@aral are there some books, references etc on ethical design for companies? I would love to structure my company right from the start!

@andr0nymous @codingquark (But just remember my toot while reading it. Also, I have a small piece that I wrote in it.)

@aral I have seen worrying signs recently that it is possible to practice unethical design at a company with an ethical business model. All trout are fish, but not all fish are trout ...

@duncan_lithgow I didn’t say you cannot sabotage them. I said you can’t practice ethical design at it.

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