You’re only allowed to call it yak shaving if it ends up with you scrolling through Linux kernel code.

In other news, guess what I just found myself scrolling through…


@aral I dunno. I once crashed the compiler, so ran the compiler in gdb, which crashed, so I ran the compiler in gdb in gdb.

That's how I got my beard.

@aral Its only Yak Shaving if the bug is from the Bos mutus natural habitats. Otherwise it's just sparkling problem solving.

(I dunno, feels close to the theme of the meme but it may need more tweaking)

I admire people who can proudly admit they are shaving yaks and still be achieve useful things ...

My career as well as my personal projects are graveyards of half-shaved yaks (it's not pretty), and I've really not got much to show for it, and all the people in my surroundings who do get ahead are either the "ruthlessly efficient" type or the "details last" type.

Me, I'm slowly learning to be more pragmatic but still dreaming of a line of work that values a meticulously shaved yak.

@Mr_Teatime Yak shaving teaches you a lot. I wouldn’t worry; I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive (and I have countless half-shaved yaks too) ;)

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