Psst, wanna hang vscode?

1. Open a moderate-sized file
2. Find; reg-exp mode on
3. \s*

You’re welcome ;)

@aral I *hate* live-update of regexp, for just that reason; even if it doesn't hang, it slows down typing the rest of the regexp.

BBEdit doesn't hang, but even that slows a bit on big files like logs.

@mdhughes @aral well it is annoying but it's a reasonable trade-off IMO.

If you want to write your regex without auto-update you can always use the search field (Lupe icon) instead of CMD+F / CTRL+F with the "search.searchOnType" option set to false.

I'd say in 99% of the cases the auto-updated search works just fine.

@kevin @mdhughes Yeah, big fan of auto-update. This is the sort of thing that edge-case support can be added for (maybe even just a general timeout).

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