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I also posted my own post there at:


I wrote it after reading Aral's and realizing the PWA I'm building will not be usable by Apple's users.

@soapdog @humanetech @aral hmm, after reading the comments in HN I decided to check the WebKit post twice, and they do say "We do not expect the first-party in such a web application to have its website data deleted."

"It is not the intention of Intelligent Tracking Prevention to delete website data for first parties in web applications."

so, we're safe here?

@xerz @humanetech @soapdog Thanks for the heads-up on this update Xerz! But I’m confused. So what does it mean for apps that are not added to the home screen? Also, what does it mean on macOS?

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@aral @humanetech @soapdog You're welcome! Web apps that are not added to the iOS homescreen will be wiped after those 7 days of inactivity are counted. macOS versions of Safari are also affected.
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