Just updated my blog post on Apple killing Offline Web Apps with questions after they silently updated their blog post (thanks for the heads up @xerz).

I’m now confused and wondering if they thought this out at all.

I’ve also added a link to @soapdog’s blog post on the same subject.

@aral @xerz

A very important point for me is that PWAs are still PWAs regardless if they are installed to the home screen or not. I use many PWAs without actually adding them to my homescreen because I like keeping it clean. I don't want them wiped out like this either.

Thanks for the link Aral, I wish more people were posting about this as well. Unfortunately the HN thread about my post is a bit depressing, people seem to think it is all ok.

@aral Nice move! Web is slow and bloated and full of trackers and rigid usage for greedy and evil corporate

@EdwardTorvalds This is not going to kill the centralised web. It’s going to kill the possibility of a private web and a bridge from the web to p2p. So not nice move.

@aral @xerz @soapdog
Any news, experiences on that topic?

I left a home-screen pinned app on a test device (IPhone) untouched for about one week. On start up today it looked as if all offline data (indexedDB) was gone because it (re-)downloaded (all) data.
I'm just not 100% sure because, unfortunately, I left the Mac computer in the office and cannot debug properly right now (thank you Apple for totally locking everything into your ecosystem)

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