Our car insurance is due to be renewed in April. This is what my Apple News feed looks like right now.

Apple protects your privacy my ass.

If you care about privacy, you don't use any Apple products.

@aral Go to Settings->Privacy->Advertising and opt out of all personalized ads, and reset your identifier.

Apple should be ashamed for not making this the default.

FWIW the data processing is done locally in your device, and not sent to remote servers (afaik)

@middlepath @aral
You're still just taking Apple at their word with no verification. It is a completely proprietary black box that could be collecting whatever it wants and you wouldn't know.

@kelbot @aral fundamentally, you are correct. But this is also true for most computers - there’s still a ton of black box binary blobs lurking throughout the majority of computers starting at the boot loader and all the way up the stack to your gpu.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles!

@middlepath @kelbot @aral less black box is always better than more black box. Don't pick apple

@kelbot @middlepath @aral

Disabling personalized ads on iOS just sets the Ad identifier to non-unique value of all zeros[1]. Apps can still collect data, though.


@kelbot @middlepath @aral

From their privacy policy:

"Ads that are delivered by Apple’s advertising platform may appear in Apple News and in the App Store. If you do not wish to receive ads targeted to your interests from Apple's advertising platform, you can choose to enable Limit Ad Tracking, which will opt your Apple ID out of receiving such ads regardless of what device you are using. If you enable Limit Ad Tracking on your mobile device, third-party apps cannot use the Advertising Identifier, a non-personal device identifier, to serve you targeted ads. You may still see ads in the App Store or News based on context like your search query or the channel you are reading. In third-party apps, you may see ads based on other information."

@cuniculus @kelbot @middlepath How very interesting that someone who kinda does this as his everyday thing had already done that 🤔

@aral @kelbot @middlepath

You should disable the location based Apple Ads as well

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Location-Based Apple Ads

@cuniculus @kelbot @middlepath Fucking hell, they got me with that one. What a dark pattern not having all those controls in one place. FFS!

(Thank you.)

@cuniculus @aral @kelbot it’s all a mess!! Here’s to hoping pine64 and/or purism become more viable.

@aral Spend some time to dive deep into the "settings" page and turn off all personized ads on your FAANG accounts. It may or may not stop data collections, but at least it's less irritating when you have to use them...

@aral Have you turned on the limited ad tracking in iOS settings? And more importantly you MacOS settings assuming you have one? Across all devices?

@aral never understood why some publications push the iphone as the "privacy phone" compared to googlefied android

they're both as bad as each other

@tempo They’re not both as bad as each other but Apple isn’t a long term solution either.

@aral Oh it's not surveillance, it's "machine learning" and Siri trying to help you and... eh....

If anyone believes that shit then they are brainwashed.

@aral You should definitively give a try to GrapheneOS which is an open source privacy and security focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility. Daniel Micay is the head of this awesome project.

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