These fuckers on birdsite are trying to get your taxes in the UK to pay for startups:

Save our startups? Fuck your startups!

Startups—VC-funded temporary businesses with the same success criteria as cancer (exponential growth)—ARE THE REASON we have surveillance capitalism.

of your taxes should go to them.

@aral I'm as defiant towards startups as you are, but what is the relationship with taxes?

@hypolite @aral
I'd say "not one penny of public money", yes, agreed. Minor point, though.

@zeh @aral It isn't a minor point in the American public debate where any social program proposition is met with "but how are we going to pay for it?" suggesting tax hikes or cut to other programs to compensate when there isn't any hard requirement to do so. This question is closely related to "but what about he public deficit?" which is another common scarecrow among right-wing talking points.

I'm not as familiar with the UK public debate but the situation is the same as a sovereign currency nation and I assume talking points are the same as well.

@hypolite @aral
Not disagreeing, minor point in this #FuckYourStartups thread is what i meant

@zeh @aral Absolutely, I still think it's a good opportunity to rectify a small tangential misconception.
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