I’m sorry, I heard Linux was ugly but I can’t seem to reproduce that. Can anyone help?


Haha, and I of course had to leave Synergy running with its ugly ass non-consistent icon in the icon bar to disprove my own statement ;)

(The problem with Linux isn’t incompetence, it’s inconsistency.)

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@aral There's a bigger issue with the icon bar than the colored icon; the spacing between icons is inconsistent. 10px on the right group, 20px on the left group, and close to 30px for the middle icons. It's perfectly usable, but it looks a bit wonky.

@aral the inconsistency is merely the squealing noise of the hobgoblins of authoritarianism fleeing the body

...this is the only topic where I have a different view ... I'm absolutely fine with aesthetics, unless they get in the way of usability. The drive to have all icons on a desktop use the same two colours and outline makes all icons look the same. I much prefer diverse shapes and colours, consistent even across platforms, because then I can recognize them better, quicker, and independent of what the designer for desktop X thinks ("upstream problem...?")

...which, again ... I understand the need for consistency, nice layout, ordering pens by colours and parallel to the desk edge and all that. I've got that too. But in my case it takes the form of "I've used icon set x for years in software y, so why do they change it?" The old KDE 3.5 icons were certainly not pretty, but they sure were memorable. Now I get a choice of several abstract monochrome squiggles, and months later I still spend half a second each before I know what's what.

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