After over a year of work – and as we’re getting closer to the next release of Site.js – I think I’m now comfortable enough to start giving the project and the organisation a bit more visibility so I’ve just mirrored the main repositories on GitHub. We will be using those for issues and pull requests in the future.

@nurinoas @codeberg Don’t know what those are, sorry. Our canonical source repository is our own self-hosted GitLab instance.

@nurinoas @codeberg Ah, I see, more ethical GitHubs :) Neat. I was apparently already following @codeberg (brain like a sieve this one). Is Codeberg itself free and open, do you know?

@aral @nurinoas Platform running on Free and Open Software nad Content (pull requests for all improvements very welcome!), run by Codeberg e.V., operating as independent not-for-profit NGO under German/EU law.

@nurinoas @aral @codeberg those are both excellent alternatives but it is indeed a wise to strategy to keep a github mirror still, unfortunately...


On github ?
Seriously ?
After all the rage you threw against anyone that didn't share your anti-google crusade or had different views on how to do it ?

@LienRag Yes, it’s mirrored to GitHub so it can reach people. And yes, we will use the status quo against the interests of the status quo ( Also, last I checked, GitHub wasn’t owned by Google or engaged in egregious surveillance (though don’t expect me to sing Microsoft any praises).

The canonical repositories are here:

PS. There are better targets for your ire than a two-person not-for-profit trying to make things better. Punch up, not down.


Thanks for your explanations, things are more clear now.
Thanks for your work anyway.
It wasn't meant as "punching" nor wanted to be "ire", but yes I consider the "holier than thou" attitude you display sometime as detrimental to your discourse and your objectives (which, from what I get of them, I do share).

@aral @LienRag github denies connection from any country under embargo from USA.

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