Do they call them alpha males because they lack certain essential features, are potentially unstable, and may be seriously flawed?


:hot_shit: the modding fandom constantly trying to recreate the alpha based on irrational attachment to something said in some dev bible or whatever

@aral I thought it was just because they were equal opportunity dicks to everyone.

Biology definition of alpha male (or female): The one that has the highest probability to pass his (her) gene pool to the next generation.

@manuelcaeiro @aral It isn't a biologic feature (nothing in organs about that) nor accurately an evolutionary one like you described, but rather an ethological one about animal behavior inside their social groups.

That said, the original question wasn't asking about a scientific answer, but was meant to take a jab a the human toxic masculinity culture that co-opted the term.

Question: How funny is it to see an evolutionist deny the basic principle of evolution?
Answer: It's very funny. 🤣 🤣

@manuelcaeiro @aral If you make up your own basic principles of evolution, sure. Do you care to share them with me?

I could do it, since my first ac. degree is a bachelor in biology and ecology, and my first teaching assignment was as TA in the department of Mesology* of my home University. However, unfortunately (for you) my schedule for special lessons is full.
* You may see the meaning of Mesology on the Wikipedia.

P.S.: I'm going to ask you politely not to address me directly. You may write what you wish, but please do it not using my @address. Thank you.

@manuelcaeiro @aral So you don't have time for special lessons but you do have time for generally wrong lessons.

While you are right alpha members are more likely to reproduce and pass on their genetic material, it isn't what makes them "alpha". Many other species don't have a concept of alpha member, mostly because they don't organize themselves in social groups. They simply have other measures for reproduction likelihood.

P.S.: I do not understand your request, I'm talking to you, so I will mention you.
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