Just had a lovely chat on the NHS contact tracing app, surveillance and privacy/human rights with Chloe Tilley for BBC World Service Radio.

Looking forward to hearing it in about 3 hours or so.

(We spoke about Faculty AI, Ben and Marc Warner / Vote Leave / Dominic Cummings / SAGE, Palantir and Peter Thiel, GCHG and why the involvement of these folks in your NHS health data, etc., is problematic. I also mentioned how the government should be focusing on testing & PPE.)

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Basically, I made it very clear (and in these exact words), that you should not trust this app, you should not download this app, and you should not use this app.)

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@aral Can you explain the point of "Testing"? I mean, it's a great stick to beat the government with but what's the actual point of testing? If you test negative you go on your merry way and who's to say you don't get infected four hours later? If you test positive you're told to self isolate which you'd do anyway so the question remains, what's the point of testing other than placating the herd?

@dick_turpin Contract tracing without testing is useless because you cannot confirm. OTOH widespread testing of even non-symptomatic people would give us actual data to base decisions on.

@aral Testing is pointless. And these tracking apps are just a backdoor way in for governments to keep tabs on you. I mean come on, an app to track people with COVID, seriously? What if I leave my phone at home and breath on everyone in the supermarket queue? It depresses me that it's 2020 and people are still gullible to this sort of placebo.

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