Hello, welcome to Linux, here are the apps you installed using Snap. Here are the apps you installed using Flatpak. Here are the apps you installed using apt. Here are the apps you inst- wait, where are you going… what’s wrong? WE WERE JUST GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!!

@aral The main issue with the FLOSS community is why distributions like Pop!_OS (or communication protocols like XMPP) are recommended in the first place.

Reasons to run Linux distributions: the Linux kernel

Decent Linux distributions for beginners: Ubuntu and Fedora


@redbookworm Bah, the Linux kernel is for wusses. I assemble my kernel from scratch every morning using titanium punched cards before my first cup of coffee.

@aral @redbookworm


When I drink the caffee, silicon is burning in the oven, and when I finish I have my SoC with the whole kernel in the microcode.

@loweel @redbookworm Oh yeah, well you didn’t ask the most important question. How do I punch the cards? With my teeth.

@aral @redbookworm

still amateur.

real men are using their dicks for that. teeths are for pussies.


Short autobiography:

1) Cultural dichotomy-shaping segregated environments make social reproduction easier, so children of the bourgeoisie go to prestigious schools/universities

2) Some people don't have a place in these cultural groups => because of cultural isolation, they try to help where they hope to be needed (in political struggles, including FLOSS)

3) They start imitating those who've actually read the specs, to get (from a public) the same reactions as them

@aral So, to get straight to the point these people are harmful to their causes but they also die in the real world.

For me, correlating stuff has always been a matter of survival.

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