“Should I pipe it?”

So, fellow developers, you know how we’re all told not to pipe installation scripts into our shells and yet we all do it anyway? I just rolled a little something that might help with that…

Here’s an example of the nvm install script, verified by yours truly:


What do you think?

Anyone with a GitHub account can help verify installation scripts (would be good to have two more for nvm).

Instructions: github.com/small-tech/should-i

Thoughts? :)


@mplammers Wow, what are they doing in that script, seriously? Will take a look when I have some time. I thought I was being generous with the 100K limit (it’s there to stop the site getting overwhelmed by maliciously large content.)

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@aral @mplammers LOL, uf, do you plan to raise that limit?

Also, they use a space in their URL uff…

@aral It honestly doesn't look like something malicious is going on in that script, and it's very well commented. Don't feel obliged to look into it for me, just wanted to share the result. I think "should-i-pipe-it" is a splendid idea.

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