To connect Powerbeats Pros to Linux (Pop!_OS/Ubuntu 20.04):

Temporarily reconfigure bluetooth to set its controller mode to BR/EDR:

1. Edit the config:

sudo nano /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

2. Uncomment the line:

= bredr

3. Restart the bluetooth service:

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

You should now be able to pair. If GNOME gives you issues, try the bluetoothctl command-line app.

Once you pair, reset the change.

PS. Mic doesn’t work.

PPS. To pair using bluetoothctl:

# Launch it:


# Start scanning:

scan on

# Once you see it (e.g., BA:DD:AD:C0:FF:EE Your Powerbeats Pro), turn off scanning:

scan off

# Then pair, trust, connect:

pair BA:DD:AD:C0:FF:EE
trust BA:DD:AD:C0:FF:EE
connect BA:DD:AD:C0:FF:EE

Et voilà.

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@aral I also use bluetoothctl directly haha with i3wm I set shortcuts to connect to my devices easily. its a pleasure and easy to debug errors and problems with connections.

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