“Whoever controls data controls the world.” – Masayoshi Son, CEO Softbank

You know what their goal is.

Are you going to allow it?

@aral No, we don't! 🤓

A big task ahead: raising awareness about what's happening. Most ordinary cyborgs don't realize what's being done to them.


@borjamoya is calling this #DataDictatorships which goes further than surveillance capitalism. Is organizing @datarebels movement for this awareness and activism.

@humanetech @andre @aral @datarebels

Surveillance capitalism is a mainstream way to put it. This is much bigger than that.

Zuboff basically says in her book that there's a good and bad version of capitalism. She says that we need to get rid off this surveillance so capitalism can get back on track. But the whole thing is rotten. We need to get rid off capitalism.

What we're seeing is pure data colonialism. And that's what #DataDictatorships use to strengthen themselves in this new arms race

@borjamoya I really like your interview series, Borja. Do you have some more of these coming up soon? And a schedule of past and planned ones, perhaps.

PS. Did you find a #PeerTube instance yet?

@andre @aral @datarebels

@humanetech @andre @aral @datarebels

Thanks, Arnold. Yes I have more interviews scheduled! In a couple of days I'll release one I did with Lina Dencik. She's the Co-Founder/Director of the Data Justice Lab in the UK. It was a really interesting conversation... We talked about social scoring and we tried to find some solutions.

I'll share it here as soon as I publish it.

PS. I've started to use this peertube:

(I need to upload all the episodes!)

@borjamoya nice! As you know I am very interested on the solution-side of the whole tech mess we're in, so I love it if you are mixing positive outlooks with awareness video's.

The last interview about revolutions was also great. I'm interested in 'revolution through evolution' if that makes sense :)

But that's probably a slower path.

@andre @aral @datarebels

@humanetech @andre @aral @datarebels

Thanks! I had a great time with George Lawson—it was a really interesting conversation.

One of the things I'm trying to avoid is rushing to conclusions before clearly defining the problem.

At some point in the near future I want to do some roundtables. That way we can test more effectively some ideas. So if any of you know someone who would be great to interview with George, let me know!

@aral they should’ve cast him as baron Harkonnen for the new Dune movie

There's only one question here: why so called "progressives", "wokens" and other "socialists" are ardent proponents of the agenda imposed by Google, Facebook etc.? Why it is "progressives" who are enthusiastically praising "Stay home, save lives" madness, COVID tracking apps and other crap?
So I think people should first stop their "progressive" bullshit and only then talk about the "surveillance capitalism".

@VikingKong @aral You're trying to trick us here, aren't you? 😉 First, you say it is only one question, then you pose two questions, and in the end you're "answering" the questions with some opinion. SCNR

Seriously: who are you referring to as "progressives" etc.? And what's that "progressive bullshit" in your opinion?

@aral @VikingKong "Stay home, save lives" isn't madness, not sure why you included it in the list.
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