@hntooter In my experience, developers hate PHP because they’ve used it (OK, so that’s personal experience talking.) To be fair, though, in 1995 it was a breath of fresh air when I was coding my web apps in C and Coldfusion was the only other higher-level alternative. (Yes, I’m that old) ;)

I once asked Rasmus what *he* thought of PHP and he replied “I don’t know, I never use it… I do all my coding in C.” :)

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@aral @hntooter
PHP (in my possibly faulty memory) was the first web app development software that understood the web and still might be the easiest thing to host. No?

@aral @hntooter That second paragraph showed back when I started learning web programming on... an MS webdev IDE whose name I forgot.

But people keep saying it's changed so much. It's like an ex who's making mutual friends talk you in to retrying.

I'm using PHP for 7 years, and even when using Symfony and the proper strongly typed stuff, PHP is still bad, because it's developers don't resist making the language bad. They seem to intentionally add features to make the language worse.

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