So after quite a few days of fiddling with the stuff I already had to try and a get a good video recording / possibly live streaming / online meetup setup, I just threw in the towel, gave myself a €2K budget and ordered:

- Sony α6400 camera
- Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens
- Magewell USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus

This should be quite a future proof setup that allows me to record and stream using just my main Linux machine and OBS.

Previously, this was the best quality I could get recording locally on the 6-year-old Mac Mini we had lying around with OBS and an iPhone X as a camera via EpocCam plus a wideangle lens attachmen and a Powerbeats Pro as the mic:

The Mac Mini squarely refused to capture the screen in OBS while also streaming via EpocCam at 1080p so I couldn’t record Jitsi at that resolution. Best I got was 720p:

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Using Laura’s new MacBook Pro, this was the best quality I could get by recording a Jitsi meeting locally using OBS.

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For a good quality Jitsi recording (better than the recording feature):

1. Use a beefy machine
2. Run camera to it
3. Run mic to it
4. Set resolution to 1920x1080 or 1280x720
4. Join Jitsi in *spit* Chrome & stream your video/audio
5. Use OBS to record screen and audio

Then, on a second machine: join Jitsi and run screen sharing on Firefox (far better quality).

Switch between camera and screen sharing either on the first machine or via a third machine.

*phew* :awesome:

@aral Maybe you are interested to join A co-operative, open source, meeting and conferencing platform, powered by BigBlueButton.

@jeroenpraat I’ll have a look, thanks for the link/note :)

@aral This mirrors my experience, though I use OBSS on a separate machine.

Fun fact: Jitsi instances use a headless Chrome instance to record, which is then fed to ffmpeg, so if you're feeling really frisky you can spin up your own instance and tweak ffmpeg to make something better.

I'd prefer to pet a porcupine, personally.

@craigmaloney Yeah, so what I’m doing is pretty much the same thing but locally so with superior video and audio quality for the main presenter (if that’s your use case) :)

@joo Small Tech is about who owns and controls it. And it’s the journal from what we have to creating what we want… and we’re going to use whatever we have on hand to get there ;)

@aral I’m glad you figured that out so we didn’t have to!! Thank you :)

@aral Is Chrome mandatory, or does it work the same with Chromium / Vivaldi / Brave?

@sossalemaire Should be same in Chromium. I was testing with Chrome initially to reduce the number of variables.

@aral Im finding OBS on MBP 16" Ramps up the fans and I am really annoyed about that, yes I have other microphones but the fan noise is still often picked up. and his is even if MBP is only driving its own screen, fans ramp up the second I use my 4k + MBP screen anyway, its silent when I am on video calls etc with single screen which i why I hoped / expected OBS to be the same... maybe its me

@adamprocter I don’t think it’s just you. The fans on my 8 core XPS 13 go nuts sometimes too. What I can’t wait to see is if it’s different with the Magewell as it does all the processing itself.

@adamprocter PS. Fans are quite as a sleeping baby with the Magewell doing all the work :)

@aral nice. I recorded an open day talk which went well. Going to do some more playing today for screen casts but still not sure who to use jitsi to do stuff live

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