I’m pretty sure “my next laptop” is going to be a desktop… for the first time in about 20 years, I think.

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@aral I'm going the other way. I think "my next laptop" for personal use is going to be a Librem 5 + a laptop dock.

@kyle @aral That may very well be mine too - a Librem 5 with my NexDock 2 and a desktop dock would be amazing.

It's likely not *quite* powerful enough for everything I'd need to do on a desktop, but if things like web browsing, light games, and videoconferencing work well, the rest I can likely offload to a more powerful machine.

(Powerful arm64 machines though are a bit hard to come by, so building software for the Librem 5 itself could be tricky...)

@jfred @aral It's running the same PureOS as the laptops, just cross-compiled for arm64, so building software is no more difficult than desktop Linux

@kyle @aral Sure, I'm mostly just thinking that it may not be powerful enough to compile some software on its own in a reasonable amount of time. Firefox takes aaaages to build on my laptop with an i5, for example; I can imagine it'd take a lot longer on an i.MX8M.

@jfred @aral Well yes, big programs like FF or LibreOffice might take awhile, but they are already packaged for it and for others you could cross-compile on, say, a Librem Mini or other higher-powered x86 system

@kyle @aral Yeah. I'm approaching it from the perspective of the distro I typically use on my other machines (Guix System) which I'd eventually like to run on the Librem 5 if it were to become my primary machine.

Compiling software there is still fairly common (because the build farm can lag behind sometimes) - the package manager makes that easy, but you do need the resources for it.

I'm interested why. I went the other way 3 years ago, mainly to save energy.

@sossalemaire Will probably be doing a lot more video production and streaming for one thing. And also because I don’t like waiting around for things to happen (maybe I’m just getting old and realising I might not have infinite time left) :P

@aral been carrying around that same thought for a while myself.

It stays in one place. It doesn't follow me around the house. I like that.

Also, lots more raw power usually :)

@OmaMorkie To be fair, my laptop doesn’t follow me around the house either (as far as I know) *glances around* ;)

@case2tv @rtn I’ve been on Linux on my primary machine for the last two years ;)

@aral @case2tv I know you dropped mac. Which is why I suggested the NUC :) Still, Intel though, but it's a nice machine and very silent.

@aral I did that move 6 months ago. S2ram allows me to suspend nicely my linux. Sharing all files with gluster with another pc that is running only 1% of the time. Planning to extend that share to my android padfone S 3GB.

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